87 Days to GUARANTEED Burnout-Antidote & Energetic Embodiment of Hormones
Get the ULTIMATE cure to mental & emotional burnout and hormonal imbalances with energetic realignment & achieve your


(physical, mental, emotional, & hormonal)
in just a matter of DAYS!!!

ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

87 Days to GUARANTEED Burnout-Antidote & Energetic Embodiment of Hormones
Get the ULTIMATE cure to mental & emotional burnout and hormonal imbalances with energetic realignment & achieve your


(physical, mental, emotional, & hormonal)
in just a matter of days

ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

Being a CEO, executive or any big shot leader is
Of course, with personal experience, I can say that avoiding ‘THE ACHIEVER BURNOUT’ is an uphill battle!
Rising Like a Phoenix When Emotional Burnout Turned You, Your Health, Hormones & Brain Regulation Into Ashes Isn’t a Child’s play.
I even ‘released’ 15 kgs excess weight in 87 days,  got off thyroid meds, reversed PCOD, PCOS, & Post Partum Depression
(We don’t prefer the term ‘lost weight’ for energetic reasons)
Raise Your Hands If As an Achiever, You Have Tried Everything From Starvations, Affirmations and Random Guided Meditations In The Hopes To Chase Burnout Away and Achieve Your DREAM HEALTH & permanent well-being!
Okay, So I'm Not The Only One Who Once Struggled With Emotional Regulation? Phew!
I’m guessing here are some experiences you had in your journey so far…
  • Feeling shivering fear or jittery anxiety EVEN when everything appeared to be alright
  • ​‘Keeping up a strong outer’ while you know your physical, emotional, & hormonal health sucks
  • ​Surviving on almost nothing but leafy greens in the hopes to look ‘slimmer’
  • Suppressing your cravings and developing a severe carb-phobia
  • ​Or using food as a coping mechanism to self-soothe
  • ​Living in a constant state of FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE, or FAWN
  • ​Burning through unresolved childhood trauma
  • Exercising the heck out of your body in the hopes to just melt that fat away
  • ​Never lost an ounce of weight despite a mountain of efforts 
  • ​Got stuck in a pattern of gaining and losing weight and then gaining it all back due to crashing with an unsustainable diet
  • ​Living in survival mode with a severely wounded adversity quotient (the part that helps you cope with traumas)
If that sounds like you, powerful diva, I feel like the following terms might sound unfamiliar:
  • Transformational mutation 
  • Energetic activation
  • Brain drain
  • ​Radical self love
  • Energetic Shadow
If that’s the case, there’s a teensy bit more GOLD to explore on the horizon of the easily accessible ideal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health!
And Do You Know What The Best Part Is?
Exploring a new world that leads to the overall health and life of your dreams is super duper effortless and easier than you’d ever imagine!
Have you ever assessed the core biological factors apart from the obvious ones and the influence of childhood development on your burnout, food patterns, physical and mental health?
A little heads up, they’re major contributing factors that even the most popular health & wellness gurus don’t talk much about. Not to mention ‘Energetic Alignment’.
No need to overwhelm yourself with all this new information!
There was a time I was you. 
I IGNORED MY BURNOUT & IT TURNED TO THYROID, Post-Partum Depression, Ankylosing spondylitis, PCOD, & PCOS
I learned ‘PREVENTION’ the hard way;
so, you don’t have to!
You won’t believe that at one point, I didn’t have a single ounce of energy left to play with my child after a regular day.
Or take a flight of stairs with the withering knee muscle pain I suffered through!!!
Well, it seems like ages ago..
Fast forward: I started living my whole self and made the most out of my time with my loved ones!

The cheerful mommy who manages work and a household but is always excited to play with her adorable sons- this became my new persona after I took a deep dive into my newfound knowledge.
Not so long ago, my burnout f*cked up my hormones again. That’s when I realized there was a missing link. Even after helping hundreds of women reverse hormonal issues, I fell victim to self-sabotage.
Then I finally came out of it through a special method I discovered during my turmoil days!
I can’t describe in words how empowering it was. I practically became UNSTOPPABLE after that. And now I’m handing it all over to you!
So, not only do I understand what you're going through, I can feel your hopes withering away just like mine did.
So for that, I have only one request…
Pause, and hear me out.
This is much more than willpower, discipline, mindset, strict diets, and losing weight.
You already know that a healthy body and mind are the fuels that will help you achieve the life of your dreams, correct? So, embody the best version of yourself right now:

You’ve been ‘strong’ and ‘dying inside’ long enough... You’ve been ‘patient’ long enough... You’ve heard ‘it’s all gonna be okay’ long enough…

But WHEN??

Just ‘SOON’ is NOT enough!!
Vague future promises based on cliches are NOT FREAKING enough!!

Now, I know you have this invisible ceiling over your head that somehow never lets your DREAM STATE of MIND & BODY fully bloom. No matter how hard you try!
So, I am here to CONGRATULATE you.
That’s right! It’s no longer there.

You have successfully broken the glass ceiling.

"But I still don't see myself making any progress, duh!"
Well, the fact that you landed on this page and you're reading this is living proof that your FOOLPROOF emotional regulation and DREAM HEALTH are right around the corner. You HAVE stepped into the light that takes you to the healthiest version of yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally, hormonally, and spiritually!
87 Days to GUARANTEED Burnout-Antidote & Energetic Embodiment of Hormones
WARNING: The Nature Of Your Progress Will Shock You To Your Very Core!!!
This is the most sustainable form of progress you’ll ever experience. Something you didn’t before.
Taking a break from the cliches like obsessing over results, imagining the worst-case scenario, overthinking everything, intrusive thoughts, grinding at the gym and eating nothing but leaves, have you ever thought about the role of hormones and energetics on your and overall physical and mental health?

That's exactly what this ‘87 Days Energetic Realignment of Hormonal Health’ program rolls out.
Your 87 Days Journey Of Reversing, Rejuvenating, Rebooting, And Releasing:
A never taken before journey of consciousness to release energetic knots and blocks…
Bonus Week #1: The Power of Doing Now
If you are in a pattern of waiting for the right time to come face-to-face with your DREAM HEALTH, congratulations again. The time is NOW!

But did you think I’d make you jump straight to the program? Of course not! Here’s some prepping and gearing up before your magical 87 days begin!

We’ll start off with exploring every nook & cranny of your health through a comprehensive health assessment form along with the following:
  • DREAM HEALTH EMBODIMENT clarity challenge
  • Goal setting
  • ​DREAM HEALTH terror barrier
You will start noticing the invisible barrier towards your DREAM HEALTH lifting off. The clarity challenge at this stage will help you uncover meaningful insights about your health that you never imagined before!
Bonus Week #2
Part 1: Understanding and Assessing Burnout
Here, You're going to get a comprehensive understanding and assessment of burnout. I'm talking about the non-cliche version, no one has ever told you before!!!

You'll get answers to burning questions. Like:
  • What actually is Burnout?
  • How does Burnout affect you at hormonal level ?
  • ​Assessing burnout worksheet
Trust me, by the end of bonus week 2, there will be nothing you don't understand about burnout. Every freaking nook and cranny!
Part 2: Pre - detox your mind and body
I know I know, detox has become more of a buzzword with all sorts of green juices coming into your mind. But often, women forget the prerequisite that actually brings a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual detox that's actually sustainable for the long haul.
When does duration, our main goal will be to get ready for the massive detox and warm up to aligning with the program.

Here's what the lesson structure looks like:
  • Lesson #1: What is pre - detox?
  • Lesson #2: How does it help in aligning with the program?
  • Lesson #3: Your fight with your mind and how to tackle.
  • ​Lesson #4: Have cravings ? Learn to tackle them!
  • Lesson #5: Your reflections during pre - detox
Week 1 to Week 3 (Total value: $7,250 including life-changing knowledge and actionable steps & personalized attention)
Part 1: Divine Activation Process for Feminine Masculine Energy
Now we're getting to the good part, actually start noticing the healing take place.

Every human being is born with a feminine and masculine energy and a misalignment of these energies create disbalance in every aspect of our lives. But that ends now!

We're going to start off with an in-depth understanding of what feminine and masculine energy is and the impact on our health and wellness.

The lesson structure looks somewhat like this:
  • Lesson #1: What is feminine and masculine energy?
  • Lesson #2: How does it impact our overall health?
  • Lesson #3: Activate your feminine and masculine energy
Part 2: Your 3 weeks of Hormonal Detox
In this part, You'll learn how you can enjoy the entire process without obsessing over the journey. The best part is that you'll be able to eat all your favorite foods as your detox!

Speaking of which, here's what the lesson structure looks like:
  • Lesson #1: Eat your favorite foods as you detox 
  • Lesson #2: Avoid these foods during detox
  • ​Lesson #3: How to enjoy the process ?
  • Lesson #4: Your reflections during Detox Journey
Part 3: Energetic Activation to heal your inner - self
As you have already noticed that we have been raving about how energy is the core, both scientifically, and spiritually. Building on that, this section will revolve around releasing the energetic knots and blocks that hold you back.

Here's what the lesson structure looks like:
  • Lesson #1: Energy release meditation
  • Lesson #2: Thyroid activation practice
  • Lesson #3: Energetic knots and block release for physical ailments 
  • ​Lesson #4: Sleep transcendental practice
  • Lesson #5: Journey to Radical self - love
  • Lesson #6: Your brain Drain"
  • ​Lesson #7: Womb Activation and Infinity Loop Alignment
  • Lesson #8: Heal your Inner-Child
Part 4: Kick - ass your dead metabolism
And then comes the most obvious, yet underrated part, our metabolism. If I had a nickel for every time someone spitted a totally untrue myth about female metabolism, I'd be the queen of the milky way!
  • Lesson #1: Myths and facts about metabolism
  • Lesson #2: How to boost your metabolic rate ?
  • ​Lesson #3: Role of sleep in accelerating metabolism
  • Lesson #4: Metabolic activities to swim to your DREAM HEALTH ( different workout patterns sharing )
  • Lesson #5: Alternative forms of metabolic activity
Week 4 to Week 7 (Total value: $7,250 including life-changing knowledge and actionable steps & personalized attention)
Part 1: Your Shadow - the killer of your DREAM HEALTH
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here. Shadow work has been proven to bring about changes that you can never imagine even in the wildest of your dreams!
  • Lesson #1: What is Shadow and the role it plays in your DREAM HEALTH?
  • Lesson #2: How can you have your Shadow support your DREAM HEALTH goal?
  • ​Lesson #3: Unlock your potential as you dance with the Shadow
Part 2: 16 hour ULTIMATE  game plan
And the game plan begins! The best part is that there's a fixed duration to it, that is, 16 hours. Well, that's how much time you exactly need to take big gravity moon steps towards your goal. Let's find out in this module once you enter this program. Here's what the lesson structure looks like. Baby come down come down
  • Lesson #1: What is the 16 hour game plan ?
  • Lesson #2: What happens with our body,mind and soul ?
  • Lesson #3: How to satiate your cravings?
  • Lesson #4: Craving Journal Prompts
Week 8 to Week 10 (Total value: $7,250 including life-changing knowledge and actionable steps & personalized attention)
Part 1: Inner Child
As a leader, at some point, you must have thought about reparenting yourself. I'm sure you have also made some genuine attempts. But this time, it's going to be different as we acknowledge the unheard voice of our inner child and be the adult we always needed in our childhood.
  • Lesson #1: Stages and development of inner - child
  • Lesson #2: The unheard voice and its impacts
  • ​Lesson #3: Activate your inner - child
  • Lesson #4: Heal your inner- child
Part 2: Pattern interrupt your journey with overload
A toxic pattern keeps us stuck. Interrupting it, sets us free! Here, we're going to work on how you have formed unconscious sub sabotaging patterns that are no longer serving you and how you can interrupt them to instigate new ones that serve you till eternity.
  • Lesson #1: What is pattern interrupt?
  • Lesson #2: Does it help in Weight release or gain?
  • Lesson #3: Stressed with weight increase?
  • Lesson #4: Identify emotional blocks with pattern interrupter
Week 11 to Week 12 (Total value: $7,250 including life-changing knowledge, actionable steps & personalized attention)
Part 1: Language of Transformational Mutation
Just like there is a love language, there is a distinct language of transformational mutation. Although the latter sounds complicated, it's as simple as ABC. And do you know what happens once we reflect on this transformational language? We become unstoppable change makers and finally realized that:

The glass ceiling was just an illusion. It was never there!
  • Lesson #1: Different human languages that we usually use and its impact
  • Lesson #2: Conscious awareness of transformational language
  • ​Lesson #3: Your guide to language reflection
Part 2: Your health, Your choice
As a leader, we love choices. But we fail to acknowledge that our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is also our choice just like the favorite flavor of our yogurt!
  • Lesson #1: Identify your game plan 
  • Lesson #2: Confused or struggling - take support of inner - child
  • Lesson #3: Follow up and follow through
  • Lesson #4: Your reflections on your choice
Week 12: Success celebration and roadmap ahead
Congratulations on celebrations!!! (Yes, I'm singing)
If you're thinking this is the end of your journey, always know that celebration of achieving a goal is the beginning to another, a whole new beautiful journey. Cuz isn't that what life's all about?

And the final week of our golden time together, you will thoroughly upload yourself for taking action and implementing the ultimate intuitive guidance.

The lesson plan looks like this:
  • Lesson #1: Applaud yourself for your achievements
  • Lesson #2: Plan your roadmap with earlier reflections and PERSONALIZED call booking
  • ​Lesson #3: Sharing your journey
  • Lesson #4: Refill your health assessment form
After witnessing some intangible and tangible results, you'll be ready for an immersive experience.
Get the ULTIMATE cure to mental & emotional burnout and hormonal imbalances with energetic realignment & achieve your


(physical, mental, emotional, & hormonal)
in just a matter of DAYS!!!

ONLY for USD 2,987!!!

I have released 17 kgs in 4 months

I have my sugars in control and my tablets have reduced my readings now show normal and will be able to get off medication very soon.

I have released almost 7 to 8 inches in my size readings and reduced them from 3xl and xl size in my clothes.

I feel more energetic and healthy and I am able to carry out my tasks in a better manner.

It not just releasing weight but it's also about toning our loose fat. And Poornima has helped me with that too. I have not enough words to thank you Poornima Vamsi.

- Hema Raaj

After witnessing some intangible and tangible results, you'll be ready for an immersive experience.


Now it is $ 2987 Only

ATTENTION: This is not a ‘bitter green juice in a wine glass’ kind of detox!
As you prepare to step into the light, you will experience a massive mindset shift as you tackle some limiting beliefs and reflect on them.
But here's the thing…
Sadly, it isn't for everyone.
In fact, this is a road less taken.

Women all over the world are relying on secret sauces and black & white logic in an attempt to attain incredible health.

Only someone open to the healing that already exists can swim in the pool of limitless and abundant health.

Only women who trust the power that dwells within them can make the most out of this program.
Here’s what the type of powerful divas I’m talking about experienced…
Purnima Singh was FINALLY able to stop obsessing over the weight-scale. Her doctor even put her off Thyroid medication!

I did my blood tests today after 3 months. 

My cholesterol has dropped from 6.5 to 5.8.

My iron levels are up from 19 to 29.

My doctor has told me to STOP my thyroid meds and check my levels again after 3 months.

Doc was surprised and asked me how I achieved all these things along with my weight going down by nearly 8 kgs.

Like Poornima rightly says, the weighing scale is not the be-all and end-all. it is just a way to motivate ourselves. There are many other factors determining our physical health and mental well-being.

- Purnima Singh

An immersive and enlightening experience where you master the art of exploring what lies in front of you and embrace the masterpiece that is your own DREAM HEALTH
It's not just another program promising to teach you some random new stuff. 
It's a beyond powerful universe that will ground and support you as you:
  • Gain more clarity and eliminate misconceptions about your health
  • Recognize the patterns you need to shift to welcome positive health changes
  • Tap into your consciousness and activate the divine feminine and masculine energy
  • ​Learn more about how your shadows are killing your DREAM HEALTH and learn how to transcend them to bring you forward
  • ​Walk through 12 specifically designed stages of overcoming health barriers. With gratitude and power to unleash your fierce and awakened self
What Exactly Does The ‘87 Days Energetic Realignment of Hormonal Health' look like?
The first step is all about setting your goal, getting some clarity, assessing your health, and lifting the barrier that lies between you and the health of your dreams. 
Unlearn the conventional definition of feminine and masculine you've heard your entire life and cultivate a deep understanding of what feminine and masculine energy is.

This portion will evaluate how the misalignment of these energies can negate every effort towards a good health and how you can activate and align them to finally achieve the health of your dreams!
Continuing our journey of consciousness, we will take a deep dive into understanding the concept of energetic shadow and how we can use it for our holistic well-being.

In the section of the program, you will explore some enlightening details about your shadow and how it affects your ultimate health goal.

You will also learn how you can dance with your shadow to fully unlock your potential. Trust me, it's beyond magical.
Channel your feminine diva and imagine how you would treat a screaming child yearning for your attention. Wouldn't you soothe the precious fellow?

That's exactly what we would be covering this week. The only difference is, you're going to heal your own inner child's wounds.

Your inner child is the dormant little being who needs activation, soothing, and healing. And this section, you will uncover how inner child activation on healing can open the ultimate gateway to your dream health.
In this part, you will learn that language is beyond what we just speak and write. In fact, being consciously aware of different human languages and reflecting on them will lead to transformation beyond belief.
If you're familiar with the power of meditation, now is going to be the time you will bathe in the benefits. This energy release meditation has to offer.

Following that, you will gain access to a special thyroid activation practice, sleep transcendental practice, brain drain, and releasing energetic notes and blocks you never realized were hampering your health.
Hearty preparations such as understanding and tackling cravings, aligning with the program, and some introspections before the intense detox begins!
This is the part of your program where your results are gonna get tangible as heck! The only difference is that this time, you won’t have to starve your tastebuds of every last delicacy. Enjoy the foods of your choice and fall in love with the process.
Follow a bulletproof gameplan and surprise yourself with how deeply it nourishes and transforms your mind, body, and soul.
Release release and release! But first, break the pattern that’s preventing it. This section will explore different pattern interrupters in detail and help you get through the never-ending loops you have been stuck in for ages.
As this highlight of your life comes to a halt, it's time to celebrate your achievements with all your heart! I'll drop in some do's and don'ts to walk the aisle of your DREAM HEALTH by yourself.

Of course, now, you'll have a body you deeply love and a rock solid self-image that contributes to a better mental and spiritual well-being. Of course, for maintaining the best version of yourself, there will be a reassessment followed by expert guidance via call.
Did you know that while you sleep, your metabolism keeps working for you? In fact, it accelerates. Unfortunately, there are myths about metabolism circulating everywhere and that’s exactly what this section of the program will uncover. 
Wait, there’s more…
Besides the ‘87 Days Energetic Realignment of Hormonal Health' program, you also get these two really cool bonuses to keep you amped up in your progress:
UNBREAKABLE Support Bundle: Another 87 Days of 100% Support absolutely FREE!

The course itself is for 28,987$.

Add 20,000$ or to coaching calls.

But if you opt for the ‘87 Days Energetic Realignment of Hormonal Health’ program, all you have to do is make a one-time investment of $2987 and you have an additional 87 days FREE!

Not to mention, I’m dropping in the action-packed and step-by-step ebook as well!

Here’s what you get in the +87 days without paying a single extra penny.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group with all the educational and helpful resources.
  • FREE energetic and dietary support that will allow you to release weight with ease and grace.
  • 6 coaching calls with Poornima to hold the energetic container for you.
  • ​Q&A session with Poornima to get all your questions answered.
  • ​Deeper insights into the types of RARE journaling, Inner-Child activation, Womb activation.
  • ​Support from a tribe that has been through what you have and has seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
Bonus #2
HORMONE RESET : Your ‘one-stop-guide' to heal your inner-self and drop upto 15kgs in 87 Days
Become a part of the energetically-aligned ‘no fad diet’ tribe and hormonal health tribe with the online copy of this game-changer! Use your intuition and energies to release mental and emotional blockages and unlock the code to a consistent dream health.
Here is exactly what to expect in this transformative journey:
  • Page 13 will show you how to rewire your brain with the Energetic Breakthrough Method.
  • ​Chapter 1 will offer detailed insights into why the famous weight-loss tactics rarely work.
  • ​Chapter 2 will unveil some surprisingly overlooked emotional causes of weight gain.
  • Page 58 has a hidden uncomfortable truth accepting which will change your life forever!
  • ​Chapter 8 throws some light on how you can eat take EVERY meal and still shred the extra weight.
  • ​Chapter 9 talks about how eating with conditions like Thyroid/PCOD/PCOS/Diabetes works.
  • ​Page 84 discusses the DASH diet in detail.
  • ​From pages 99 to 104, I highlight EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE I made in my journey so you can avoid them.
  • ​Chapter 11 talks about the role of our consciousness in achieving the health of our dream.
Bonus #3: (Total Value: $1287)
You’re getting it for FREE
Special One-on-One ‘Energy Knot Identification & Release’ Session With Poornima
Learning and progressing is an on-going process…
Keeping that in mind, the third bonus is going to be about you revealing your energetic knots and blocks in a special one-on-one session with Poornima as she guides you through every step of releasing them.
(ONLY for first 10 warrior women enrolling in 24 hours)

All this Just for USD 2987!!!

Know Your Activator


But this wasn’t always my persona. I am a happy mother of two adorable boys aged 10 and 6. But there was a time when ankylosing spondylitis, thyroid, and other hormonal imbalances made me feel like 'the mom who was too exhausted to make the most out of her precious time with kids.' Back in the day, postpartum depression took its toll on my entire being.

After having my babies, I knew I was supposed to feel like a volcano of happiness erupting inside of me. Somehow, hormonal issues prevented me from unleashing the true happiness I already possessed. My weight increased to a whopping 90 kgs and I started to struggle even with the smallest day-to-day tasks. Forget about going for a lazy stroll or playing with my beautiful kids!

Soon, as expected, I hit rock bottom and something inside me screamed that it was time to turn this around. In my heart, I knew this wasn't permanent and things are going to get better for me both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to my hormone reset journey, I dropped 15 kgs. in 87 days without making myself miserable with bland diets.

Sold 500+ copies in 7 months and
changed 100s of lives!!

Will this be the right fit for me?
This program is for any woman who has been dealing with burnout, emotional distress, thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, diabetes, anxiety, depression, or anything that has to do with hormonal imbalance or misalignment of energies. Weight release and better emotional regulation are some of the fringe benefits that you get with this program when you work on your complete hormonal health through energetic realignment.
How will the sessions be conducted?
The fortnightly sessions will be conducted via Zoom after the enrollment. In this duration, you will have access to the Facebook group in which all your queries will be promptly answered. The sessions will be targeted towards holding an energetic space and the realignment of hormonal health, that will allow you to SUCCESSFULLY eliminate burnout, strengthen your emotional regulation and balance your hormones to get rid of issues like thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, postpartum depression, ankylosing spondylitis, anxiety, depression and much more…
What is the entire duration of the program?
The entire duration of the program is 87 days.
+ another FREE 87 days including the bonus.
+ Before your first set of 87 days begin, there is going to be a prep duration of 15 days before you dive deep into the program.
So, it is 15+87+87 = 189 Days.
What will happen if I don't see results? Is there a money refund guarantee? 
As mentioned earlier, with a step-by-step execution, this program is devised to offer significant noticeable shifts within the first two sessions itself. But yes, there is a money refund guarantee for our higher-level programs (check terms & conditions).
What after 87 days or when the program is done?
Through the course of 87 days, you will learn the core of this program as an ingrained lifestyle skill to retain your progress for the long haul. In short, you would have achieved your DREAM physical, mental, emotional, hormonal, and spiritual health with a deep transformation inside-out! Some other happy bonuses would be enhanced relationships with your loved ones and more peace of mind!
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